Garage Saleing and fundraisers pretty much go hand in hand.  It’s a super awesome way to earn some money for a great cause while helping people clean out their homes.  Win-Win!  So it’s pretty easy to organize. Recently, one of my friends did a fundraiser for a group that is trying to help kids overcome some of their problems with drugs and self harm.  It is pretty wonderful to see a community come together to reach out to help those who are struggling.   Getting counseling for teens who need it is so important in helping them become better people and citizens for their futures. Anyway, I digress.  About a month before you do your fundraiser, send out info about it and what you’re looking for and tell people to start cleaning out their homes and finding things to donate. Getting a school or youth group to help will really boost your attendance and help.  Organizations are always looking for fundraisers to do. Find a location that can support it.  Like a church or school parking lot (or maybe even inside if it’s too hot or cold or stormy).  I would recommend having them drop everything of a day or so before so it can all be organized and priced.  Having some volunteers come help with that is essential if you have a lot of stuff.  Just make sure you have plenty of help.  That is probably the key.  You can also advertise that you’ll take donations if people don’t have anything to donate and you can have a box at the garage sale for donations as well.  You’ll probably have a bunch of stuff left over afterward…just donate it to Salvation Army or Deseret Industries or Good Will.  They’ll put it to good use…and it would be impossible to return things to their owners. Go find a great cause to support….and do something you love…. GARAGE SALE!

Written by Val

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