So just the other day I was at McDonald’s with three of my grand kids, TJ, Brooke, and Joseph. I was looking at social media while the kids played on the play set thing. While I was on Facebook one of my friends, Miranda, was advertising a garage sale because she was moving to Montana and didn’t want to lug around a bunch of dusty, old stuff. On our drive home, I told the kids that I had a special surprise for them all.

When we arrived at Miranda’s house I told them all that they could have anything they wanted that was under 10 dollars. They were so excited! It just makes my day to make someone else feel that way. After a few minutes of walking around, my youngest grand daughter, Brooke, picked out a stuffed animal of a little bear. The oldest of them all, Joseph, chose an old nutcracker figurine and said, “I’ll save this for Christmas!” And then after about ten more minutes of waiting, I asked my second youngest, TJ, what he wanted. He told me that what he really wanted was more than ten dollars, and I asked him what it was. He walked up to a beaten down carpet cleaning machine and said, “My mom said that we have really dirty floors, so I wanted to help her.”

It was so cute! I told him that I would tell his mom to come check it out, but that he didn’t need to get that as his present, so he chose something else. Later at home, the experience reminded me that we needed to get our carpets cleaned! I looked up online, “carpet cleaners near me” and looked at a rug doctor for a little bit, than decided that another carpet cleaner would probably be better, especially because this one came with a person to clean the carpets for you. It was a good choice too, they did such a good job! Click here to see their website.

Sooo clean

Written by Val

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