I’m sure you’re all familiar with the phrase, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  This could not be more true than it is at garage sales.  Seriously.  Sometimes I go to garage sales and find such fabulous, amazing, wonderful, spectacular, fun, (okay I’ll lay off the adjectives) things that I’m shocked they would ever want to relieve themselves of such prizes.  However, at other times, I’ve gone to garage sales and wondered why on earth they were wasting so much time to sell their trash…like literal trash.  However, I know that every person is different and loves collecting or finding different things.  We all have unique personalities and interests.  We were molded by our families and our culture and the types of things we watched on tv, and played with our friends, and did when we were younger.  So when I get super excited about vintage milk glass, someone else is probably throwing it in the garbage.  And when someone else gets excited about toll painted cats, I’m not so keen on that and would think it would make some great firewood. I love that about people.  How different and unique we all are, but how well we can compliment each other and work together.  The diversity makes this world great.  But as far as garage sales go…really don’t try to sell your literal trash.  It’s gross.  People aren’t fans of sorting through your unmentionables…especially when they’re all stained. They don’t like completely broken items that you claim work.  And please don’t sell your old, used make up.  GROSS! I’m also not a big fan of hats, shoes, and mattresses that have been used by people I don’t know…but to each their own, eh?

Written by Val

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