Another big part of garage saleing and deal shopping is finding fantastic things to resale.  While I don’t always know what things have value, I do keep my eyes out for a few things.  I’m sure I’ve passed up hundreds of dollars in resale value, but I’ve also made a pretty penny.  Here are some area’s that I’ve been successful in this:

Electronics – computer stuff, laptops, video game systems and games, iPods and mp3 players, tv’s, cell phones, DVD or Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, video cameras, GPS units, stereo equipment, radios, satellite radios, etc.

Tools – hand tools, saws, nail guns, compressors, generators, power tools, etc. (look especially for higher end brands like DeWalt or Milwaukee)

Car Parts – electronics, wheels, tires, etc.

Household Items – carpet cleaners, vacuums, etc.

Baby Stuff – gates, cribs, strollers, monitors, pack n plays, etc.

Clothes and Baby clothes – there is a good market for this, but it does take a little more work than the other higher ticket items.

Toys – Look for clean, nicer toys.  Especially collectibles.  Bikes, scooters, etc.

Musical Instruments – guitars, keyboards, amps and band or orchestra instruments

Antiques and Collectibles – anything old looking!

Lawn Equipment – mowers, edgers, blowers, weed eaters, etc.

Sports Equipment – Golf clubs, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards, skis, weight training equipment, bats, gloves, etc.

Furniture and Appliances – washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, etc.

Gold and Jewelry – most people don’t realize that that it’s worth over $1000/ounce.  So those broken weird things are actually worth some moolah.

It’s great to check out eBay and craigslist and local sale sites to see what type of stuff is being sold and what it’s going for.  There is definite money to be made if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Do you buy stuff to resale?  What’s your biggest find?


Written by Val

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