Have you seen that new, cute movie that’s in theaters called Trolls?  It’s at the cheap theater here in town, so I took my grandkids a few weeks ago.  Oh it’s so bright and colorful, and just made me laugh.  The music is fantastic!  It just makes you want to dance in your seat.  I left the theater with a silly grin plastered to my face.  And oh I love Justin Timberlake…I’ve got to throw that out there.  He’s got the most amazing voice!  I just love watching him with Jimmy Fallon.  The two of them are such a hoot!  And the girl.  She’s the one who does the cups song.  I think her name is Anna Kendrick.  She’s super talented too.  Anyway, that’s beside the point.  The point is those little trolls are so darn cute.  They remind me of the trolls my little sisters used to play with years ago. Then they seemed to become popular again when my kids were growing up.  And now we’re back around again for a next generation of Troll Doll lovers.  So the past few weeks, I’ve been scouring garage sales for these little guys.  They seem to be pretty much everywhere.  I’ve found about 40 so far for the play room at my house.  I love filling that place up with things for my grandkids to do when they come over.  What types of toys do you search for at garage sales?  Did you see this movie and what did you think about it?

Written by Val

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