There are always things to beware of when you’re out garage sale-ing. While most scams you should keep your eyes out for are ones when you’re actually doing the selling.  (Like stealing, distracting you like crazy while asking for change for $100 and never actually paying you, giving fake money, etc, etc, etc.) But there are still a few things to be aware of when you’re out and about yourself. Electronics that don’t actually work, toys and games that are missing crucial pieces, and cleanliness.  The last one is one I’m going to touch on for second.  My friend bought a whole bunch of fold up mattresses (the kind you’ve seen at Costco…I love those mattresses!!) for her grandkids when they come to stay at her house.  If you’re actually going to buy something like that, you should definitely clean it….really well.  I don’t know if she tried to clean it or not, but it probably wouldn’t have even done any good.  All of her grandkids broke out with angry red welts after a sleep over at her house.  After some searching and trying to figure out what on earth the problem was, they discovered the beds had BEDBUGS!  Yes, I’m totally serious.  And who knows what other types of germs and disgusting things were on there!?! I’m not a fan of buying mattresses and couches.  Anything that can’t be sanitized easily.  (I’m a little of a germ-a-phobe.)  So she had to call a pest control company in St. George Utah and have them come and spray. (Which was not as easy as it sounds…it’s hard to get rid of those nasty things.)  Anyway, beware.  Buy carefully.  Get those amazing deals, but don’t risk your health.

Do you have any disgusting stories to share?

Written by Val

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